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Weighing equipment

Versatility of use and application and high guarantees in terms of durability, accuracy and safety are the characteristics shared by the solutions designed by Lauria Group brand, with thirty years experience in the field of weight measurement systems. The catalogue of the firm ranges from numerous types of weighing equipment.

Are includes fixed steelyards, iron platform scales and electronic scales realized with advanced manufacturing processes, supported by numerous accessories including specific management software also compatible with the PC. The quality of its service has prompted many manufacturers of scales to elect Lauria Group as authorized service center.

Sale of industrial weighing equipment

Sale of industrial weighing equipment Lauria Group is a reliable partner for the installation and the maintenance of weighing equipment supporting in a complete way the agricultural, commercial and industrial needs. From the repair of scales, to the calibration of the platforms and the metrology service, the technical team of the company offers a highly qualified consultancy also performing the testing and the surface or above ground mount. The weighing equipment provided by Lauria Group are in accordance with the quality system certified by BVQi and the standard ISO9001: 2000.

The company also realizes building systems with customized characteristics adaptable to any type of application context. It is possible to get in touch with the office via email: lauriagroup@libero.it , to know specifically the costs of the services provided by the company and the different types of treated systems plants.


Professional weighing scales

The Lauria Group brand has been for three decades synonymous with excellence in the field of the production and the maintenance of industrial automation systems. The catalogue offers very diversified solutions including fixed steelyards for weighing full load vehicles and trucks, weighbridge machines to weigh the iron, platform and scales supported by the latest generation of electronic terminals for reading data weighers and accessories indicators.


Shipments by sea

Recent changes introduced in connection with the Solas Convention (Safety of Life at Sea), in force since 1 January 2016, oblige the shipper to communicate to authorized persons the verified weight of the container, without this assumption the boarding on the ship cannot be performed. 

The detection must be undertaken by certified weighing systems in compliance with the requirements and procedures defined by the legislation.


Terminals and software

The WT2001 terminal can be equipped with the interface "secure weight" for the permanent storage of 60,000 weighting values, which refer to an equal-weighted, complete with the identification code. The display can be carried out with an electronic terminal and Pc pursuant the law. The data are immediately reproduced thanks to the possibility to connect devices for the print of labels, paper and continuous-form modules and nominative.

Testing and maintenance

Bilance Industriali in partnership with manufacturers of weighing equipment as an Authorized Service Center. Its team provides complete technical assistance services, offering a quality and certified intervention and perfected over the course of thirty years of activity, performing the assembly, the testing, the maintenance, the inspection and the verification of weighing equipment of electronic terminals and software.

Bilance industriali, professional weighing equipment

On the market since the1987, Lauria Group has established itself as a leading company in the field of weighing equipment due to a long family tradition and a continuous technological research that led over the decades to the development of a structured company with a very diversified portfolio products. Historical leader company in the Naples area, Lauria Group offers its customers an extensive high-level technical services to the testing, the installation, the calibration, the maintenance and the periodic testing of equipment.

To deal with the technical and commercial team of the company you can visit the headquarters located in Via Giuseppe Garibaldi 14, near Naples, or call the numbers 0817593718 – 3477663089

To request detailed information please contact the email address lauriagroup@libero.it.


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